PULSAR lamp is a project by SAVE art & science laboratory. The project’s idea is to create a design object which would allow observing a chemical process in real time. Substance sublimation and crystallization processes can be observed inside the PULSAR lamp. We have created a series of such lamps using different chemical processes. Alchemy means transformation, which takes place not only in chemistry but also in the human consciousness. We are interested in investigating mental transformation processes inside a human being.

PULSAR 10 - This chemical lamp is based on substance melting and crystallization principles, i.e. transition from the solid to the liquid state and vice versa. The substance melts affected by the heat coming from the heated bulb; as the lamp’s intensity decreases, the substance cools down and crystallizes creating round-shaped polycrystals called spherolites.

PULSAR 00 - This chemical lamp is based on the principle of substance sublimation, i.e. transition from the solid physical state to the gaseous state avoiding the liquid state. Affected by the heat coming from the heated bulb, the substance is sublimed in a vessel and precipitates on the vessel’s walls in the form of violet crystals /dendrites/. When the ball is rotated, the crystals move to different areas of the vessel’s surface.

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